Trusted Shops

Trusted Shops is a service that you can use to increase your shop's trustworthiness.

Use the Trustbadge® technology to effortlessly collect, manage and display your customer ratings in your online shop. Once it's integrated, the technology updates itself automatically. You can also include your quality seal and offer purchase protection. It's quick & easy to integrate Trustbadge® technology for your shop with the module. Once you've ordered the rating system and been successfully checked by Trusted Shops for the quality seal, you will receive an ID that you enter in the shop backend.

Your advantages

  • Quality seal - Customers trust the leading quality seal in Europe. Take advantage of this trust for a higher conversion rate.

  • Purchase protection - The lower the financial risk for the consumer, the more prepared they are to shop.

  • Shop rating - 70 % of consumers go by online ratings. Use the all-round solution for professional referral marketing.

  • Cost benefits - Depending on your shop package you may get a discount on your membership fee.

  • Legal texts - The free Trusted Shops legal text engine generates legally compliant GTCs, contact information, privacy policy and cancellation policy. As an option, you can also round off the text with the Trusted Shops warning protection.

How to use Trusted Shops

In your shop's administration area in the main menu select Marketing and then Trusted Shops. Follow the steps that are displayed on this page.