Using themes / design templates

The underlying design of your shop is based on a design template or “theme”.

Each theme offers certain design elements – such as the fonts used or the way in which content is arranged. The theme also defines which elements of your shop can and cannot be edited.

In addition, each theme provides you with a number of styles to choose from. These differ in the color palette used, for example.

You can switch to a different theme at any time and thereby give your shop a new appearance.

You can also customize your theme and for instance change its colors. For more information, read Customizations for your theme.

How to change the theme of your shop

1. In your shop’s administration area in the main menu, select Themes.

2. Here you can see the available themes and associated styles. The theme/style currently being used for your shop is marked as active. Select View demo shop to see an example of a theme/style. Then select the Activate button for the theme/style you would like to use and confirm that you would like to activate it.

The theme is selected and will now be shown to visitors to your shop.

Will I lose some elements while changing themes?

If you only switch the style (for example from “Neutral Basic" to “Neutral Light”), there will be no changes to your content or images.

If you switch themes (for example from “Neutral” to “Vision”), it is possible that some elements will not be carried over.

These elements will never change while switching themes:

  • Products
  • Content pages
  • Categories and category pages
  • Legal pages
  • The menu structure of your shop

These elements could change while switching themes, depending on the theme you are using:

  • The home page structure as well as text and images on the home page
  • Content elements (e.g. images or text) on the category pages

It is always possible to activate the previous theme again and regain the elements that were changed while switching themes.