Introduction to your online shop

With your online shop, selling is very easy. After you have set up the shop, your customers can place their orders.

The administration area

You are managing your shop in the administration area. There you can edit the content of your shop, add products, manage orders and much more.

    1. Select View your shop and your shop will open in a new browser window. This will allow you to immediately check any changes you have made.
    2. What would you like to do next? You can use the main menu to switch between individual pages of the administration area.
    3. The working area occupies the most space within the administration area. This is where the majority of the work for your shop is carried out. Depending on which page you have called up, you might find forms or charts that you can use to manage your shop.

In the administration area, you may occasionally see this information symbol: Hover your cursor over this symbol at any point to view a short help text about the associated field.

First steps

These are the first steps you should take care of before promoting your shop:

    • Managing the basic settings
    • Selecting a design theme
    • Editing the shop’s content
    • Creating categories for products
    • Adding products
    • Adding delivery methods
    • Adding payment methods
    • Testing your shop

You also have these options:

    • Selecting apps from the App Store
    • Offering your products on product portals
    • Editing orders